Captain Starsong Dusk 

Commanding Officer of the Element of Magic [J3F-T3V], Captain Starsong Dusk leads her crew forward to unexplored reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. Ever restless, her wanderlust has brought her far from her homeworld seeking out new life and  new celestial phenomena. Her home in the black, the ship serves as a springboard for explorers, colonists, and other wayfarers that have accompanied her on her adventures.

Commander Harvest Moonsprite

Commander Moonsprite is from a long line of miners, many generations old. She never really felt comfortable in the bedrock nature of her family however, and despite the allure of sparkling gemstones and precious metals her mind sought shelter elsewhere. Her calling was the stars, the night sky beckoning her away from the rings and belts of the systems her family worked. Setting out on her own with an absconded runabout, her first goal was to find a partner in crime. She needed someone bold enough to seek their own destiny, yet naive enough to overlook her dubiously acquired vessel in favour of adventure.


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